Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Motorcycle Rides

Ended up not having to work like I usually do on Saturdays. My buddy Jeremy called me up and asked if I wanted to go for a ride. He has this really cool brand new Monster Ducati so he loves riding it. 
I brought over my spare Sena bluetooth headset that I keep for my spare helmet and installed it on Jeremy's Ducati helmet. It was my first time riding with another biker where we were able to talk the whole time. Usually I just use it to communicate with a passenger. It was so cool to be able to talk to Jeremy while were rode up to Park City.
The Tour of Utah was going on and saw a lot of bikers. We cruised up and down Main St. then stopped at Squatters to get some lunch. I got a tasty bacon burger.
Later we went over to the Outlet stores to see if anything was good there. They seemed exactly like the ones in Traverse Mountain, so we didn't stay long.
On our way back we went through Midway and stopped at the Crater at Midway. Jeremy had never been there before, so he was excited to see it. I was surprised nobody said anything to us. We just walked in and took some pics and left. It was somewhat crowded in there. Seemed about 20 people were floating around in it.
Overall it was a nice weekend relaxing and finished Saturday night at the Real Monarch's game. We had enough hands in stats, so I didn't have to do much during the game, but had to gather quotes and transcribe after the game like I normally do for RSL. I didn't mind it. Soccer is great and it was a nice way to end a Saturday.

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